Wrestle League Show from 6/29/2019

The photos from the Wrestle League show of 6/29/2019 are now posted and for sale. There are over 900 photos to choose from, and for this show, I am offering a reduced price of 25 cents a photo. Remember, if you are linking through Facebook, you must copy and paste the link directly into your web browser as the link back from the download page does function properly through Facebook.


Changes coming Feb. 1st, 2019

Starting Feb. 1st 2019,  Digipix1 Photo will be making changes to our shoot and pricing structure, mainly for sporting events.

If we are paid by the promoter to photograph an event, the photos, (with the promoters permission), will be available for free download as before.

If the promoter requests that the photos be only available to customers through them, the gallery will  password protected, and photo access will be through the promoter only.

If we are shooting an event for free, the posted photos and/or videos will be available for purchase through the photo gallery on here, and upon payment, you will be emailed a download link that will provide the high resolution image or video and is valid for 48 hours.

Photo prices are $1.00 each, and videos will be $2.50 each.

There will be no refunds for successful downloads.